• Indian Attar
  • Premium Hindi Oud
  • Kashmir Saffron
The Oud Oil that we obtain is from wild Aquillaria agollocha tree, and it is grown in Assam, India, which was originally one of the richest areas of wild and naturally occurring Agarwood trees. Only a tiny amount of Agarwood Oil at a time; be prepared for the slow release of its aroma over the next 10 to 12 hours. Agar wood oil also called by Oud oil in gulf (Middle East). And also we can say Aloes wood, Eaglewood, Gaharu oil, Aquilaria oil etc.
We have an Agarwood oil manufacturing unit in Assam and we collect raw material from wild valley of Assam and others places in North-East India to produce this oil. We are mostly chooses wild and old tree for production. In production we use water-steam distillation. production is begin with cut to small pieces of Agarwood chips, then we soak the pieces of Agarwood in water for at least 15 days, after 15 days material are ready for distillation. We start the distillation by putting material and water into distiller. We get a very good quality oud oil after distillation ending. Now Oud oil is ready for Ageing.